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The Different Types of Jackpots You Can Win at a Casino

Land-based and online casinos both offer jackpots, but online casinos offer more. Jackpot slots are one of the most popular slot categories. Playing slots online for real money will give you the opportunity of winning one of these jackpots. You may even win a big prize with one spin because it’s more about luck than skill. 

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots mean that the amount you can win is fixed and the payout does not increase over time. You may win a large amount which is why the ways to win can be difficult. The prize remains the same even if someone wins and the slot is reset.

Fixed jackpots are available at land-based and online casinos. You can use an online casino app to play slots at an online casino. You will usually find that the game has specific criteria to meet in order to win the jackpot. It’s important to read the rules before playing or you could miss out on a fixed jackpot by not meeting the requirements.

Progressive jackpots

The prize money for progressive jackpots fluctuates over time. As more people play, the prize gets bigger and you can win big money. You may decide to wait until the prize money grows to a large amount before you start playing. The longer the amount of time between wins, the bigger the prize becomes.

A casino will set a starting amount for the slot. When someone wins a progressive jackpot, it resets to the original starting amount. You may need to play all pay lines and stake a maximum amount to qualify for a progressive jackpot.

Local jackpots

Progressive jackpots usually pool money from multiple slots. A local jackpot is different as it is a progressive jackpot tied to a single machine or game. The amount of the jackpot may be smaller but your odds of winning are higher. There are many local jackpots available online. If you want to be playing slots, going for local jackpots will give you more chance of winning.

Network jackpots

Network jackpots connect slot machines of a specific title across many casinos. Players from across the country contribute to the jackpot for the game. This means the prizes for network jackpots are often very high. Hitting a network jackpot could help you to get rich fast. There are also more other players who could walk away with the big win. You may consider this risk worth it for the reward you could get.

Multiple jackpots

Some games offer two or more jackpots and each one is bigger than the last. There are both fixed and progressive multiple jackpot games. There are usually different requirements for varying levels of prizes.

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Author: Roy Phillips